Two Purposes

There are Two Purposes for our lives to be fulfilled [The destiny we are released to pursue]

People find their true destiny in the purpose God gives to our lives.

The Underlying Principle: “Being” is the wellspring of “Doing!”

Both are essential, but one is insufficient without the other. Both serve to increase the power of the other through synergy.

Purpose One: To Live the Life

True life in God is not an after-death experience to be looked forward to in Heaven. It is the growing, emerging and developing reality of our lives as we learn to walk in the Way of the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus did.

Purpose Two: To Fulfill the Mission

Living true life in God is not meaningless but full of purpose. This planet is not a waiting room where we are held until our “mansion in Heaven” is finished and ready for occupancy. It is the field of battle and the workshop for our vocation as children of God. We each have crucial assignments to accomplish during our lives.

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