Three Roles

There are Three Roles for each of us to play well in our lives.

Underlying Principle: As those made in the image of God, true life is lived in a Trinitarian-orientation. In a sense its all one life, but in another these are three distinct parts of our complex experience of life. Each one requires time, energy and attention. None can be omitted or neglected without diminishing the whole!

Role One: We are worshippers of God (orientation toward God)

The true and correct orientation of our lives is to be pointed directly and faithfully at the great God and awesome Lord of all Creation. He is the majestic King, full of glory and power and honor. To turn our attention, affection and loyalty any other direction is idolatry. It is also dysfunctional and counterproductive to living true life.

Role Two: We are members of the Body (orientation toward others)

While we can speak intelligibly of “I” and “me,” true life in God must also be lived as “we!” By God’s design we are created by and for community. We will only find our life in God fully expressed and experienced in relationships with other members of Jesus’ body.

Role Three: We are disciples-doers of the Word (orientation toward self)

Those who become followers and disciples of Jesus discover that true life is truly lived out in actual experience. It is not something to be merely thought about and believed. Jesus is the pattern and model for those who enter into true life in God. He showed us that we could be engaged in a dynamic lifestyle of doing, and not just knowing, the will and purposes of God in our lives.

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