Four Guiding Beliefs

There are Four Guiding Beliefs

Underlying Principle: These are governing ideas that organize our experiences and help us make sense of the confusing complexities of the world around us. They enable us to see what we would otherwise be unable to comprehend (such as the activity of God and the things of the Kingdom).

Guiding Belief 1: The Supremacy of the Kingdom of God

The prevailing worldview(s) of our culture minimize and marginalize the God of the bible. They see Him as irrelevant to the issues and concerns of real life.

God, however, really did create all that is around us. He really does have absolute authority over everything. He is now actively engaged, and always has been, in His world and in the affairs of humanity.

Guiding Belief 2: The Primacy of Grace

Nothing that God has ever, is now or ever will do is based upon His obligation to anyone else. He acts and speaks out of the motivation of His own love and wisdom. Everything we receive from Him in the living of True Life is simply His grace. We act and speak in response to His grace, not to merit it.

Guiding Belief 3: The Sufficiency of the Power of the Holy Spirit

We may be wise and powerful or resourceful and inventive. Those things are never enough. The power we must draw upon to live the life and fulfill the mission is the power of Almighty God himself. We were designed to draw upon His power as the source of our living and working. We were never meant to depend upon the meager residue left in us after rebellion cut us off from Him.

Guiding Belief 4: The Transforming Path of the Cross

Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection are the paradigm for the experience of the true life in God. In this pattern, the Holy Spirit works patiently with us in the experiences of our lives. He draws us through the dying we must do to the old ways so that we may enter into the newness of the Way of the Lord. The trials, difficulties and sufferings of our human lives are not evidences of the failure of the Gospel. Often these are the very places that God is most at work transforming us back into the image of God.

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