Five Daily Practices

There are Five Daily Practices to be mastered and integrated into the routines and pattern of normal living 

Underlying Principle: True life is lived from the inside out.

What are these skills and what purpose does God have in mind for our disciplined, regular practice of them? They are vehicles of our obedience to Him (i.e., where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in our Christian lives). They are classrooms for our education in the knowledge of God and our selves and all things of the Kingdom; we learn in the act of ‘doing.’ They are operating rooms for our healing and transformation; this is where the work of God on us mostly takes place. They are the tools of our trade as we co-labor with Christ in the work of His Kingdom.

Daily Practice #1: Intimacy with God (staying close to God)

This is the ability to practice the presence of God. It involves the habits of repeatedly and frequently turning one’s heart and mind toward God in worship, adoration, thanksgiving, and through mini-mediations and reflection focused on His nature, His character and His ways.

Daily Practice #2: Repentance (keeping your relationship with God well-maintained and healthy)

This is the ability and the habit of quickly turning to God in confession and repentance through day. As we become aware of thoughts, attitudes and actions that are sinful and contrary to the Way of the Lord as exemplified by Jesus, we can turn to Him in repentance.

Daily Practice #3: Prayer (cultivating dependence, faith and trust in God)

This is the ability and habit of carrying on a conversation with God about the large and small issues, needs, and experiences of life.

Daily Practice #4: The Word of God (continually renewing your mind by reviewing life from the perspective of the Kingdom of God)

This is the ability and discipline to look and listen for the mind and will of God through the habit of reading, listening to or studying the Bible.

Daily Practice #5: Works (playing an active role as a participant, not a mere observer, in the ongoing mission of the Jesus)

This is the ability to apply the Word of God to daily behaviors and decisions, as well as to speak and act at the initiation of the Holy Spirit to serve and minister to other people.

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